About BOL(S)

About BOL(S)

Bread of Life (SG) turned 25 in 2023!


Founded in 1998, Bread of Life (Singapore) “BOL(S)” has experienced a journey full of God’s grace, where members’ lives are touched and called by the Holy Spirit. We respond to His call, live in His presence, glorify Him, and submit to His will on earth as it is in Heaven.


1. A time of “Realizing the vision, Gathering the workers”
(1995 – Mar 1997)

God called BOL(Taipei) to plant a church in Singapore and Southeast Asia – a church that will glorify Him. After several years of preparation, God’s servant Reverend James Lee stepped up to the call. Subsequently, Reverend Wong, Reverend Simon Goh joined the team, followed by a group of youths discipled by Reverend Lee. Together, they ploughed the ground and realized the vision of planting BOL(S).

2. A time of “Spiritual Healing, Opening Doors to Serve” (1997 – 2000)
This was a period overflowing with the Holy Spirit, love and opportunities to do His good work. God’s people were fiercely passionate in His teaching, visiting homes, ministering to and helping the poor and needy. There were new ways to lead people to worship the Lord, ushering people into the His presence and outpouring to the community. It was a time of excitement and passion! It was also in 1998 that BOL(S) was officially registered as a Church.

3. A time of “Building Character, Planting Missions” (From 2000)
With the Lord Jesus in us and with our submission to Him, BOL(S) began works of miracles, making the impossible possible!

We were just a tiny church of barely a hundred, yet God enabled us to begin several schools that focused on teaching Godly character. We had students in the thousands and it left a deep impact. In addition, God opened doors for us to anchor the works of “Hope” mission and teaching in China Guizhou, amongst the Sandu Shui minority ethnic group. Within several years, BOL(S) expanded its outreach and sent missionaries into Africa, Indonesia, North Thailand, and Western Australia.

Looking back, we can only marvel at what God has done, far beyond what we could ever imagine!

4. A time of “Serving His Kingdom, Fighting a Spiritual Battle” (From 2002)
The church is a Spirit-filled body, an army belonging to God’s kingdom. The Holy Spirit led BOL(S) into a time to serve His mighty Kingdom in several areas including “爱修园Agape”,"爱流 Love Overflows”, “prophetic” and “healing & deliverance” ministries. Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, BOL(S) is submissive and courageous to take up what is our calling, our destiny, and our honour. God never said it will be easy, but He promised that we will have “victory in Christ”.

5. A time of “Five-fold Ministry & the Five Holies, Arise & Shine, Holy and Glorious” (From 2011)
God led the church to revive the Five-fold ministry of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers; to restore the purpose of the Annual Three Feasts (Exodus 23:14); and to renew the gift & ministry of healing and restoration. We have since started ministries including “David’s Tabernacle of Praise”, “Harp & Bowl” and “School of Ministry”.

God has placed in the hearts of our leaders the Five Holies:
​Holy Bible, Holy Spirit, Holiness, Holy Altar, and Holy Ministry.


Brothers and Sisters in BOL(S),

What God has instructed, we must obey.
What God has promised, we must receive.

BOL(S) embraces God’s special anointing to impart His heartbeat for the nations and people. By His grace, we proclaim His heart for the Nations, the Sacrificial Lamb shall receive His reward for the work completed on the Cross!

May God be glorified in our deeds. Amen!


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