Children & Infant Ministry

Children & Infant Ministry

“… for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

At BOLDKIDZ, we are committed to nurture our little ones from their earliest
years. Guided by the wisdom of Proverbs, our team of dedicated teachers and
volunteers strive to set these children on the right path, providing them with a firm spiritual foundation that will serve as a lifelong guide.

Together, we embark on exciting adventures through the Bible, chat about big ideas, and reflect on them as we nurture virtues that mirror the character of our Lord Jesus Christ.

our mission

To create a supportive and loving environment where young hearts and minds can grow in their relationship with God and one another, becoming disciples of godly character.


Infant Program – 6 months to 3 years
Junior Program – 4 years to 7 years
Senior Program – 8 years to 11 years

As children approach the end of Senior Program, the teachers at BOLDKIDZ work closely with the Youth Ministry to manage the transition, even as the child prepares for major exams and a change of schooling environment.

The Youth Ministry will begin assimilating the Senior children as they visit youth cells, join outings, and interact with the older teens.

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a peek at our weekly lessons

BOLDKIDZ will be up and running concurrently during both services, from 430pm to 630pm on Saturdays (English) and from 930am to 1130am on Sundays (Chinese). This also extends to most churchwide events such as our anniversary services and church camps.

BOLDKIDZ Activities!


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