Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry

“life-changing decisions and
new responsibilities…”

The young adult stage in life can be summed up in a season of two concepts – Choices & Transitions

As youths generally move from one school to another in a set number of years, young adult seasons change quite differently, in varying degrees of frequency and intensity. For most, a large number of responsibilities & life-altering decisions await:

As disciples of Jesus, how can young adults stay assured in Christ, rooted in biblical truths, and continue to pursue holiness in the midst of these changes?


At BOL(S), the Young Adult Ministry is also known as CCCM – the Campus, Combat, & Career Ministry. Cell groups in CCCM are established to provide targeted support, depending on the members’ seasons of life.

monthly ministry gatherings

With young adult members going through a variety of seasons in life, BOL(S) takes special care to build cohesiveness within cell groups, organizing ministry-wide activities aimed to foster bonds, promote healthy living, and nourish members with God-centered foundations.

Pictures in Polaroids – Memories of CCCM

The path forward

As young adults in BOL(S) mature even further, joining an adult cell group is encouraged. The Adult Ministry consists of the older adults, many of which are parents of teens, as well as experienced associates in their fields of work.

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