Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

“The Importance of Building
the Next Generation…”

Youths are the leaders of tomorrow, the changemakers of the future, and the pillars of society in times ahead. In BOL(S), we believe all youths have a calling from the Lord, and we hold it dear to our hearts in providing all that we can to equip, empower, and edify these precious lives.

How can we motivate our young ones to seek God, find their purpose, and recognize that they are wonderfully and beautifully made?

The 5 c.o.r.e.s of our ministry

Here at BOL(S), we aim to develop our youths to grow in Christlikeness, modelling after our Lord Jesus and obeying God’s commands. Through the imparting of the Word, prayer groups and evangelistic outings, we hope to grow our teens in these key aspects:

A glimpse of our activities

Besides doing the utmost to support youths in growing spiritually, the youth leaders in BOL(S) believe in the vibrancy of teenage life. They work closely with parents, ensuring that their teens have an exciting yet meaningful and safe avenue to fellowship and have fun.

Snippets in a Scrapbook – An eventful 2023 for the youths!

Many of these gatherings also serve as pre-evangelistic events, whereby friends can be invited and welcomed to the community. As the ministry keeps up with ongoing teenage trends, BOL(S) ultimately hopes to reach out to pre-believing peers, fulfilling God’s commission in schools.


As our teens age and approach young adulthood, they will be assimilated into the Young Adult Ministry, established to journey with members in tertiary campuses, national service, and young working adults.

As the needs of our youths change, BOL(S) seeks to provide continuous support in managing these transitions.

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