Vision, Mission & Faith Statements

Vision, Mission & Faith Statements



A Church Governed by Spiritual Parents.




Building God’s Family & Making Disciples
of Godly Character.



We believe:


We should always pray for our government leaders and respect an individual’s political views. We therefore urge our members not to engage in any political activities or share your personal political views in church and cell groups so as to avoid unnecessary conflicts or confrontation.

This is the duty of every Christian and also a channel of God’s blessings (Malachi 3 :10). If you are not a Christian, you may refrain from tithing or giving an offering. Nevertheless, we sincerely hope to welcome you soon as a son and daughter of God, and to be blessed through tithes and offering.

We respect our members in the marketplace who are involved in investments, insurance, financial planning, etc. While they can introduce what they do during church or cell group, please refrain from active and persistent marketing to other members. If any brother or sister has a need, let them take the initiative to enquire from you.

We encourage our members to willingly provide help and support when they see other brothers and sisters in need of food and clothes. Please let your cell group leaders or pastors know to provide coverage and accountability if loans or money is involved.

Mutual Association
If any of our members start or belong to an association, it is purely on a personal basis. Please refrain from inviting other members to join the association in church or during cell groups.

The Church has the responsibility to impart accurate doctrinal truths to believers and to keep believers from harm arising from inaccurate teachings. If a member of our church would like to participate in any bible study classes, conferences or other Christian meetings outside of the church, please allow the church to first examine the content and provide consent.

Further Clarifications

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